ProPMS-Software for Property & Facility Management

ProPMS – Professional software for property management:

  • No licenses and installation fees;
  • Monthly subscription – you pay for what you use;
  • Personal solution for each client/project;
  • Development of additional functionality;
  • The software is built on a modular principle;
  • Unlimited functionality;
  • ProPMS unites in one all activities in the organization;
ProPMS is a specialized management program for:
  • Residential and holiday complexes;
  • Business buildings;
  • Logistics parks;
  • Condominium management;
  • Organizations with a large number of offices and branches;
  • Property management companies;
ProPMS is your solution if your business includes:
  • Property and facility management and maintenance
  • Condominium management
  • Professional house managment
  • Renting out
  • Vacation accommodation
  • Management and maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Management and maintenance of other assets
ProPMS allows individual optimizations tailored to the requirements, business model and processes of each company!

Software for SMS notifications

SMSOFT – Software for business sms notifications and sms advertisement.

  • No subscription fees!
  • Only sent messages are charged.
  • Easy to use platform.
  • Information “in the hands” of consumers.
  • With SMS notifications you can reach your customers fast and on time!
  • The message is discreet, personal, effective!
  • SMS from a short number or company / product nameт
SMS application:
  • SMS campaign for current offers
  • SMS advertising for discounts and promotions
  • SMS notifications for expiration of contract, insurance
  • SMS notifications for changes in address, working hours
  • SMS notifications for events, news, opening new projects
  • SMS notifications for payments, contributions, visits;
  • Mobile vouchers

The power of SMS services:

  • Everywhere!
  • Anytime!
  • To every mobile device!
  • Up to an unlimited numbers
  • To the right customer!
  • With personal message
  • Instant receipt!
Never before your communication has not been easier, faster and effective!

LLV Technology Ltd.

We provide highly effective solutions in the field of development and implementation of software products!

LLV Technology Ltd. is a software company that provides highly effective web-based solutions in the field of property and facility management and mobile marketing. The company specializes in the development, implementation and maintenance of individual software projects tailored to the requirements, processes and goals of each client.